postmorten de NyxQuest

Leía el postmoreten de NyxQuest, que para el que no lo sepa es un videojuego creado por una compañía Española, overthetopgames, con gran éxito internacional en wiiware, y he visto ciertas frases que me han gustado mucho, sobretodo porque encajan bastante con la filosofía de tener recursos acotados para obtener mejores resultados.

Since we didn’t have a lot of money to spend, we had to find ways to resolve some problems. Not enough work force for animation? Ask a friend with free time! No budget for voices? Get a voice actress girlfriend with her own studio! No testing department? Friends and family

Since we were a small team and couldn’t have a lot of detailed models and textures, we chose a style that focused on lighting and shadows.

At the same time, we were telling the story of a burned and forgotten earth, full of deserts and ruins… this setting was not only chosen because of the story, it helped us to reduce work. Since the game world was ruined and deserted, we could create fewer assets and spend the time on making them stylish.

We decided to partner and fund the game with our own money. In the end this has worked very well, because we managed to do a good looking game in the time we had, and with scarce resources. But it was a very tight development cycle; we barely made it with the money we had saved.

El artículo es altamente recomendable y merece la pena leerlo detenidamente.