When you start a SaaS company you think every single client will be happy to not have to manage their data, they just forget about servers, backups, maintenance… all those things that you don’t want to deal with.

And that’s actually the reality, you leave those tasks to some people that are experts on that matter and know how to do things far better than you. You only have to pay some amount of money (that of course is less than the one you’d pay if those services were managed within your company) and trust the people behind the service (the hardest part)

At some point in your company you will realize those amazing ideas are not that good when talking about data privacy and security among other things like enterprise authentication methods, custom hardware, redbooth private cloud landing sums up all the reasons quite well.

So yeah, you were using a dozen of amazon services that you can’t use in a private cloud, you will need to face the active directory reality, the high availability, the updates… outside your confy amazon cloud setup, managed by people don’t know anything about your service.

And the problem, there is a little information out there, so you will face a lot of problems, like:

There are some well know companies that have different approaches to the problem:

Do you know more companies doing onpremise/enterprise versions? I’ve created a slack channel so you can join and share them or talk about your experience with the enterprise world problems, feel free to join.