Pixels are the humble bricks with which one can build cathedrals

Hello, Javi Santana is a software developer mainly focused on products. Contact him at jsantfer@gmail.com

He is from a small village near Valladolid, a cold city in the center of Spain. He studied a telecommunications degree but he realized he was gonna be a software developer when he wrote his first line of code. He loves non-electic cars.

He is currently working for CartoDB creating CartoDB among other lovely data visualizations and maps. He also runs a company which creates simple products for farmers.

He uses 2 hours per week to develop a racing timming app, ping me if you want to try it

You can follow him on twitter, see his work on github and read his blog.

Hola, Javi Santana es desarrollador de productos software. Puedes contactar con él en jsantfer@gmail.com